Deaf History: John Dyott

Sebastian Cunliffe presents the story of John Dyott

Documentary as part of the Deaf History series. Reporter Sebastian Cunliffe tells us all about John Dyott, who was born in 1606 and being deaf, was unable to follow the family tradition of serving in the army. Nicknamed ‘Dumb Dyott,’ he decided to take matters - and his gun - into his own hands when the English Civil War broke out. As the Royalists and the Roundheads fought, Dyott concealed himself in Lichfield Cathedral and on gaining clear sight of Lord Brooke, shot and killed him instantly. Did he get the credit he deserved?

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  • Incredible. This man should have won an award - not been forgotten about! There is a plaque where Lord Brooke fell - there should be a plaque for James Burke erected as well! Is there a plaque for James?
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  • great video and history. can i share on face book?
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  • I watched the programme of deaf history it was really interested and this man who is presentation . His signs show very clearly and lovely BSL flow and smooth . He make me happy again
    Thanks him
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