Deaf History: Florence Attwood

Sharon Hirshman pays tribute to a great toy designer and maker

Documentary as part of the Deaf History series. This episode is about Florence Atwood, a toy designer and maker who was Deaf. To chart her life, reporter Sharon Hirshman goes to the oldest toy factory in the UK, Merrythought in Shropshire, where over 15,000 teddy bears are made using traditional methods each year. There, she sees some toys worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Hirshman explains how Florence Attwood went on to become their Chief Designer. In her short life, she left a lasting legacy.

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  • How did she become deaf?
    Posted on
  • Beautiful story...
    Posted on
  • The content on all the programmes of BSL ZONE is fantastic. However I am unable to watch the signing as the picture is distorted when there is movement of the hands. I do not have any problem on other sites, just all on BSL ZONE. Have you had anyone else say this? Do you have any advice?
    Do you show these programmes on the television?
    Thank you,
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  • I am lucky enough to be the proud owner of a Merrythought teddy from the mid-1950s.
    This video was really interesting to find out who designed him and see the place where he started out.
    Thank you for making it
    Posted on
  • thank you for researching and informing us of the skills and attributes of those that contributed so much but remain little recognised.
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  • What a shocker...but mostly an inspiration!! So impressive and we all should hat-off to Florence Attwood for her huge success!
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