Close Up 3: Frances Elton

Interview with Frances Elton about her unique career as a teacher of BSL linguistics.

Chat show. The third series of Close Up, the BSL Zone's in-depth interviews with well-known Deaf people. In this episode, Tessa Padden interviews Frances Elton about her journey from working as a sewing machinist in post-war Poole to becoming one of Britain’s leading BSL linguists.  As the ‘face’ of the first BSL/English dictionary, she also talks about her passion for preserving the integrity of BSL.  A BSLBT production, produced by Tessa Padden and Bob Duncan.

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  • Beautiful...
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  • Worth it and interested watched to Frances Elton about hisorty life and BSL... Her was EV bsl with me She is very good and strong 
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  • Frances is my hero, she was a wonderful teacher and taught me how to teach BSL at DUBSLTC, she gave me the skills that I needed to do my job, she has also taught me linguistics.
    I am very proud of her, after years of being educated orally and having a mundane job in a factory she was the first Deaf teacher I had met - she opened up a new world for me.
    At last I was able to reach my potential and it is thanks to her that I that I gained the professional qualifications and the ability to do my job today.
    Making comparisons to the past, having a Deaf role model had a psychological effect.  Following the banning of sign language at Milan in 1880 and the years that followed with wasted education, at last here was a person who was giving Deaf people back their pride and paving the way to a better future.
    I wish Frances a happy and healthy future, and look forward to reading her book.
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