Close Up 2: Nadia Nadarajah

Tessa Padden asks actor Nadia Nadarajah about her life.

Chat show. The second series of Close Up, the BSL Zone's in-depth interviews with well-known Deaf people. In this episode, award winning actress Nadia Nadarajah talks to Tessa Padden about her very varied journey through life. A former teacher and campaigner, Nadia describes her experiences of living in different countries and how she got into acting. Produced by Bob Duncan and Dawn Marshall at Becoming Visible.

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  • Beautiful story 
    Posted on
  • It's amazing of Nadia's experience of her life journey.  I wish her best in future. :)
    Posted on
  • Enjoyed every minute of the insert, a remarkable woman, she has done so much in life, i take my hat off to her and wish her all the best in life, keep going!!!!!!
    Posted on
  • It was wondeful to see Nadia tell her story through her childhood to adulthood. Finally to see a young woman in her time 80s. 
    Praise to her experience and travelling. She is an excellent role model to the young women and also ethnic minority as well.
    Amazed to see her achievement to be an actress as a true career. Fingers crossed she will get into the screen one day.
    It was very nice to hear that she care about deaf community, culture and education.
    We are with you.
    Peace x
    Posted on
  • A wonderful journey achieved. It is a great example to share with so many younger generation and to hearing parents of deaf children that we, deaf people can take opportunities in life and see if we can achieve more as well as learn more to gain more for the future deaf generation. Role models is so much needed. What a great role model! 
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