Close Up 3: Behind the scenes

A look behind the scenes of Close Up Series 3. How did the crew work together?

Behind the scenes. Produced by Fifi Garfield for BSLBT. This short film looks behind the scenes of the third series of Close Up, which had a crew of people who were almost all Deaf and/or BSL users.  In this series, Tessa Padden chats in depth to Dr Paddy Ladd, Frances Elton, Ilyaas Cader, Dr Terry Riley and Kevin Buckle.

Watch Close Up and our other chat shows here.

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  • Fab!
    Posted on
  • Hi,
    Just some feedback which I know you are alays after. Overall BSL Zone, what an amazing site.
    So much information, to watch and learn. Great to have so much variation in topics, which meams there is always to watch.
    The chat  shows are my favorite, great to meet and get to know all the well known deaf people and their lives. I have recently over a few months watched all of them from "under the lamp" to the "Close up " series. Brilliant, wealth of information interesting people. Well done please keep it up.
    James Simmonds
    Posted on

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