Close Up 2: Gerry Hughes (Part 2)

Gerry Hughes talks to Tessa Padden about his epic voyage.

Chat show. The second series of Close Up, the BSL Zone's in-depth interviews with well-known Deaf people.  This is the second part of a two part programme.  Gerry Hughes tells Tessa Padden about his belief that if one door opens for a Deaf person, it clears a way for other Deaf people to follow.  A sailor and teacher for many years, Gerry explains how he felt about sailing around the world alone, what he thinks of Deaf education and what he wants to do next. Produced by Bob Duncan and Dawn Marshall at Becoming Visible.

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  • Thank you BSL Zone. What a fantastic programme, very interesting and great for assisting a level 2 BSL learner.
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  • Beautiful interview with Dr Gerry Hughes his story about education for deaf children he is correct to say BSL education is wholly benefits the children to impro their education. Secondly Gerry was was very brave to sail round the world solo was the bravest thing to do. He successed it and his motto always said '"the deaf people can do it" it certainly in someways opened the doors for them. I have met Gerry and his lovely wife Kay four times. A lovely couple too. 
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  • Inspiriation and excellent motivate of his. Many thousands small victories to lead many journey for us to go. Massive thank YOU Gerry.
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