Cheers for BSL

Documentary about the stage 3 debate for the British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill.

Documentary. Cheers for BSL focuses on the stage 3 debate for the BSL (Scotland) Bill in September 2015. We see speeches from members of the Scottish Parliament, before they decide whether the Bill should be passed. This programme is presented by Clark Denmark and was produced by

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  • Its easier to learn languages when we are younger. if we want an equal society we need BSL in schools now. I hope this happens soon
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  • Very interesting to watch this programme.   
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  • This is a role model to copy & do  in England Also could help foward that to all M P in England. Hopeful Westminister
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  • Thank you for summary. It was an emotional and powerful. Hope Mark Griffin to be next MP. 
    Do you have a link NAG?
    Please keep posted the video news in the future.
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