Watch Bim Ajadi's film about a young Deaf man who is challenged to a game of Connect 4

Short film. A young Deaf man is challenged to a game of Connect 4, only to find that this is no ordinary game. Are the odds stacked against him? This atmospheric short film by Deaf director Bim Ajadi was funded as part of the BSL Zone's fund for Web Clips, and stars Deaf actor Stephen Collins.

Winner of Best Director (Bim Ajadi) at Clin D'Oeil (2015); Best Short Film at Deaf Rochester Film Festival (2017)

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  • Terrible storyline. 
    The writers, actors, and filmmakers are highly skilled.  They could have put a better use of their talent producing a wide-appealing and valuable film.  I know because I have enjoyed your work in the past.
    I just wasted good 7 minutes of my life viewing and writing this comment. 
    I just want to make a noting because you have wonderful talent that can be better use of. 
    Connect 4? Is that best you can come up with? Lol!
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  • Full of atmosphere and tense. The end was a surprise. Thank you.
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  • Watched Bim Ajadi's film '4'. I was speechless. It's one of the highest quality Deaf films that I've ever seen! This film has encouraged me to go to the next level in film. I really like this style. I think we should be proud of our British Deaf film talent. Thumbs up :-)
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  • Interested film... I thought it would be terrified story...
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  • Beautiful, powerful. Perfect set and the moments. Congratulations to Bim, Stephen and Nick (writer).
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