Factual Commissioning - January 2021

Applications are now open for development funding for 28-minute factual television (non-scripted) programmes.

We want programmes which reflect the richness and diversity of BSL and Deaf Culture.


Who can apply for development funding?

This is aimed at:
•    Deaf directors,
•    Deaf producers, and
•    Deaf producer/directors
who have made at least one programme which has been broadcast on television and are working with a UK-registered limited company whose core business is to make television programmes.

The company must have made at least one television programme for BSLBT or a UK broadcaster.

We will also consider co-productions between a television production company without the necessary track record and a company which meets the requirements.

[Once a limited company has produced a programme for BSLBT on a co-production basis, the company would then be considered eligible to submit ideas themselves in future commissioning rounds.]


How to apply:

•    If you are interested in applying, please email commissioning@bslbt.co.uk for more information and an application form.  You can also download an application form here, but please DO NOT send ideas at this point.

•    Between 1st February and 26th March, meet to discuss ideas with our Executive Producers.

•    The closing date for completed applications is Thursday 1st April 2021.

We will use your email address to contact you about our programmes and news. For more information, please see our privacy policy.