In Production

There's a lot to look forward to at BSL Zone! There is also some development work going on.



Four Deaf Yorkshiremen Go Dating / Four Deaf Yorkshiremen's Takeaway (working titles)

Writer:  Charlie Swinbourne

Director: Louis Neethling

Production company: Mutt & Jeff Pictures



The Cuckoo Bird

Writer/Director: Kerena Marchant

Production companies: Screen Northants and Sondes Films



Writer/Director: Samuel Dore

Production companies: Mutt & Jeff Pictures



BSL Zone's Top Ten Comedy Moments

Producer/Director: Teresa Garratty

Production company: Flashing Lights Media


The Games Show (working title)

Producer/Director: Sebastian Cunliffe

Production company: Drummer TV



You, Me, Garden?

Director: Sebastian Cunliffe

Production company: Drummer TV


Wild Visitors to my Garden

Producer/Director: Angela Spielsinger

Production company: Mutt & Jeff Pictures


Factual (Short)

Queer Artist

Directors: Ruaridh Lever-Hogg and Will Clark


Understanding Young CODAs

Director: Laura Eadsforth



This is Deaf

Production company: Signpost Productions



Check back soon for more updates!

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