Strategy for Commissioning Television Programmes 2020-2023

The three-year strategic plan will deliver a minimum of 90 x 28” programmes by January 31st 2024:

  • A wide range of genres and sub-genres targeting different sections of our audience
  • At least 90 programmes: 18 dramas, 72 factual
  • At least three re-commissionable series on our slate [a series is 4+ programmes] 
  • At least two series commissioned each year

The Strategy – Commissioning 

The commissioning plan revolves around:

  • an annual commissioning plan 
  • continuing to work with key production companies
  • renewing relationships with other production companies BSLBT has worked with
  • recommissioning single programmes and series
  • finding and building relationships with new production companies

This strategy also aims to deliver: 

  • a minimum of three programmes across the three years from at least six different production companies
  • at least two of these production companies will be Deaf led (33%)
  • at least eight Deaf producers, directors or producer/directors to have worked on our commissions
  • opportunities for developing relationships with programme-makers

How the strategy will work in practice

Our Commissioning Advisory Panelclick here for more information.

Annual Commissioning Plan 2021-2023
The annual plan consists of a range of commissioning activities – click here for more information.

Regular commissioning rounds

  • One annual factual development/commissioning round – for directors and companies who have previously made programmes for BSLBT
  • Up to two annual single factual development/commissioning rounds – including proposals from directors and companies who have not previously made programmes for BSLBT
  • One annual drama script development round
  • One annual drama commissioning round (as required)

Ad-hoc commissioning 
Programmes may also be commissioned in a more streamlined way. These include:

  1. Re-commissions of single programmes and/or and series (A recommission is another/more programmes with the same name [and includes prequels/sequels])
  2. Commissioning a series after the delivery of a single programme or pilot 
  3. Commissioning the reversioning of existing BSLBT programme/s to make one or more new programmes, e.g.: The best of…
  4. Acquiring licences for programmes from other companies

BSLBT reserves the right to update or amend this plan at any time. 

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