How we commission programmes

At BSLBT, we commission television programmes and arrange for them to be broadcast on television and published on our website and app.

We do not make the programmes ourselves; we contract independent production companies to produce them and deliver them to us.


Our Commissioning Team is made up of people who are skilled and experienced in making a wide range of television programmes.  Led by the Head of Commissioning, they manage the commissioning of these programmes and oversee their production and delivery from external production companies. The BSLBT Executive Producers oversee the editorial work and the Production Executives oversee the production management and delivery.  We also have a Production Coordinator and Commissioning Coordinator to support the work.

We commission a wide range of dramas and factual programmes which aim to target different sections of our audience in the 30-minute television slots we have on Film4 and Together TV.

Each year, we run a number of commissioning activities which contribute to our strategic plan.  We call the main activities “commissioning rounds”.  These are published on our website, including who [individuals and/or companies] is eligible to submit programme proposals.  There are different eligibility criteria for different activities: factual programmes, dramas and short films. 

There is also one opportunity in the plan each year for emerging Deaf talent to apply to produce a short film which is “not for television broadcast” (only shown on our website and app).

If you are eligible to make a submission to one of our commissioning rounds, we will ask you to discuss your programme idea/s with us at a ‘surgery’ meeting before you submit your proposal. 

If you would like to ask questions about making programmes for BSLBT, our two Executive Producers will be hosting regular Zoom meetings where you will be able to book a slot and have a conversation with them.  Get in touch with us for more information! 

We will use your email address to contact you about our programmes and news. For more information, please see our privacy policy.