The Zoom 2014 scheme gives Deaf directors their first experience of making a broadcast film, with support from production company Neath Films.

In this BSL video (right) Thomas Giddens - who has been accepted onto the Zoom scheme - tells us about himself and the documentary he is making.

Thomas explains that making a documentary is different to making a drama. Documentaries are focused on real life, and real stories.

The subject of his documentary is oppression in Deaf football, and the film will be called The Ugly Face of the Beautiful Game.

He is making the film because of his personal experiences playing for Deaf football teams, and he’s making the film to show the audience that there are issues that need to be solved.

One story that prompted him to make this film was a situation where the referee stopped a match and called the police because some away fans were mocking the voice of a deaf footballer every time he touched the ball during a match.

Thomas explains how he is looking forward to learning from working with Neath Films and experiencing the whole process of making documentaries. He also thinks it is important to make connections with other Deaf filmmakers.

Watch his video now to find out more!