The Zoom Focus 2014 scheme gives Deaf directors further experience of making a broadcast film, with support from production company Neath Films.

In this BSL video (right) Melissa Mostyn tells us about herself and the documentary she is making.

With the working title of Grief and the Deaf Child, Melissa's film aims to explore the ways in which deaf people experience their parents' grief, even though they feel there is nothing wrong with them.

Her film will also look at what happens if that child grows up and then has a deaf or disabled child of their own.

With 90% of deaf children being born to hearing parents, tensions between parent and child are common, and can affect families and relationships in the long term if the grief is not addressed properly.

As a writer, blogger, and the mother of a disabled child, Melissa has a keen interest in deaf issues, parenting, and disability.

She wants to bring her perspective to television, to open up a discussion between deaf people, deaf parents, and their hearing families.

Watch her video now!