A range of dramas made as part of the BSL Zone's Zoom filmmaking scheme (produced by Neath Films) have been chosen for film festivals across the world!
The End, which is a drama made in a documentary style, was shown in September at the Sinneswandel Deaf Film Festival in Berlin and will also be shown at the Deaf Film Festival in Sweden, and the EOP festival in Belgium, which both take place at the end of November.
The End, You Me (directed by Simon Herdman) and Chasing Cotton Clouds (directed by Sam Dore) are also playing in Jerusalem at the Shekel Reframing Reality festival which focuses on films and art by Deaf and disabled filmmakers.
Closer to home, The End has also been selected to play at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival on Sunday 3rd November. 
Remarkably, four Zoom films are playing at the Aesthetica Film Festival in York from 7th - 10th November, which is the first time the festival has screened BSL films!
An established and dynamic player on the UK film festival circuit, the Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) is a celebration of independent film from across the world, and an outlet for championing and supporting short filmmaking.
The chosen films are:
Little World (2012 - directed by Becky Bailey)
Confession (2012 - Julian Peedle-Calloo) 
Crossing The Divide (2012 - Cathy Heffernan)
Five Needles (2011 - Julian Peedle-Calloo)
The BSL Zone's drama Champion Of The World, directed by Bim Ajadi was also selected for the festival! If you are interested in going, the programme can be seen here.
In addition, Neath Films, who produced the Zoom scheme, have another film called Flower Seller playing at the festival, which is a film in Arabic that they produced in 2011 and has played at festivals around the world.

The Zoom filmmaking scheme is set to return in 2014. Click here for more details! 
Well done to Neath Films and all of the filmmakers involved!