The BSL Zone's Zoom documentary This is I, Remember Me has been screened for the Royal Association for Deaf People’s Essex Social Care team to help raise awareness of deafness and dementia.

One in three people will develop dementia, and the documentary, which was directed by Jack Smallwood as part of our Zoom 2014 scheme, features interviews with Deaf experts on dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

The BSL Zone provided a DVD for the screening. Gavin Songer, their Community Support Worker for the Essex region, told us: “I'm pleased to say that everybody enjoyed the documentary when I showed it during our monthly team meeting.”

You can watch the documentary on this site by clicking here.

Below is the feedback from the RAD Essex Social Care team:

“I appreciate they sent us a Dementia DVD and it was worth to watch this video it helps us to develop awareness of Dementia with elderly people. Excellent work!”

Paul Casey - Essex Social Care Team Leader

“Really informative interesting documentary providing a better understanding of Dementia among Deaf people. Thanks.”

Tracey Martin - Life Skills Advisor

“It’s very interesting and very clear because info by BSL. Continue to make more video similar to this. Keep it up. Well done.”

Yvonne Green - Life Skills Advisor

“Brilliant video! Especially you used BSL user instead interpreters in the corner! Also it is useful information as us people need to be aware about this. Thank you!”

Nikki Harragan - Life Skills Assistant

“A brilliant and thought-provoking video about how Dementia affects deaf people. This was a great way of introducing dementia to me and my colleagues. Thank you very much!”

Gavin Songer - Community Support Worker

“Very informative. It does make you think how it could affect deaf people differently to hearing.”


“Very good video. Good community. Interesting.”


“Very clear information. Very informative”


“A good informative film, highlighting some very important points and shocking statistics. BSL users should all have access and information readily available regarding such an important issue.”


“The video is very good and interested. The information is very clear and it is good for community deaf.”


“It was very helpful to know about it. It was a great way to explain what it means.”