John Finn's Zoom 2014 film, The Big Decisions, has won Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival. The film looks at the decisions that parents of deaf children have to make about whether they should have cochlear implants or not.

We asked John for his response to winning. He told us that it had not been an easy film to make because at the last minute the family he had originally planned to film had had to drop out because of illness, and he and his family had reluctantly stepped into the limelight. 

John said, "We bit the bullet, and went ahead and made the film. The rest is history. When I first planted a seed, Isobella was just turning four, starting the new school. We have just celebrated her seventh birthday last week. How time flies. 

There are many heroes in our film: Isobella, Victoria and John Brownlie, (Isobella's Godfather), but I think the most heroic of all are the team behind the camera, especially Maverick (Litchfield Kelly, the Zoom Scheme producer) and his well chosen crew. Without them, the film would not be as beautiful as it is. Even I am still surprised how the film was turned out. Why would I be surprised? Rather baffling.."

Hollis McLachlan, the director of the Festival, said, "The Big Decisions illustrates a family dynamic made up from a fabric of love, acceptance, and a foundation from which growth has already begun to flourish. A refreshing, and positive approach to very real issues for real people; an illustration of how family love, family bond, and faith in our own decisions can often be the most important aspects of our lives.”