Below is a blog by Charlie Swinbourne, Writer/Director of Four Deaf Yorkshiremen go to Blackpool.

It's now three weeks since filming ended on Four Deaf Yorkshiremen go to Blackpool and after spending six months writing the script, making the film was an amazing experience!

For five days, we filmed interior and exterior scenes in all kinds of places in Blackpool, including on the beach, at the amusement park, in a cafe and in a typical Blackpool hotel!
Although I've written a number of dramas before, I've only every directed with small crews, in shoots lasting no longer than a day. So I was very lucky to be mentored by our Producer, Louis Neethling during the five days we made the film.
Louis was there when we had a problem we couldn't fix, gave me feedback and offered advice when I needed it. 
We had a crew of around 20 people, doing a range of jobs covering the camera, lighting, make-up, props and also interpreting on set. It meant that there were always lots of decisions to make.
Each day we usually had to film around 5 or 6 scenes. Often, for each scene, we would film 3-5 different shots, so the actors had to do the same thing again and again, with sometimes half an hour breaks while the lighting was adjusted. 
We were very lucky with the weather. We had a little bit of rain twice but only for short spells. On Tuesday morning we filmed for 5 hours on the beach, and the sun shone brighter as we carried on filming!
The highlight for me was working with the actors, John Smith, Matt Kirby, Jonthan Reid, Ilan Dwek, who played the original Four Deaf Yorkshiremen, plus Matthew Gurney, Sean Richards and Adam Bassett who played a group of young men. They were joined by Ali Briggs and Rachel Shenton.
All of them worked really hard to act out all their scenes, which often had me in stitches, and it was also great to see how well they got on with one another when we weren't filming!
Last week, I worked with the Editor, Bim Ajadi to cut the film together, and since then, the film has been subtitled, had a sound mix and was also graded (colour correction). So it's finished now - look out for the behind-the-scenes film and a trailer coming up soon!
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