The BSL Zone website hosts all kinds of programmes made in British Sign Language (BSL) including documentaries, magazine series and children's programmes.

Since we were set up in 2008, we've commissioned 17 sign language dramas featuring Deaf actors, and made by Deaf directors and crew.

Now, you can find all our BSL dramas on one page. How many of these Deaf films have you seen?


This Deaf film is a comedy-drama about two chancers, Andy, who is Deaf, and Jez, hearing, who are broke and living in a van.

After their other ideas fail, they dream up what they think is the perfect get-rich-quick scheme. But can they get away with pretending that Andy is psychic?

When a television programme threatens to make Andy a star, their deception is pushed to the limit. 

Directed by David Ellington.

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Boy from Before


Award-winning drama in which Sam, a boy who has been expelled, finds it hard to get accepted at his new Deaf school. Especially when strange events seem to follow him around.

On his first day he makes friends with a boy wearing old fashioned clothes.

The problem is, Sam’s the only person who can see him...

Directed by Daryl Jackson and Martin Wright.

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Champion of the World


Award-winning drama about a young Deaf athlete who fights her way back from injury only to find herself faced with a dilemma about how far she will go to in order to win.

When hurdler Sophie is injured after chasing a shoplifter, she has to recover before she can get back to racing on the track.

But as she nears her return, she faces conflicting advice from her coach and her father. Will she choose the right path?

Directed by Bim Ajadi.

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Chasing Cotton Clouds


Award-winning sign language drama about a Deaf boy grieving for his father, who creates a fantasy world to cope with the alienation he feels.

As he struggles at school and at home, can he find his way back from a world of made out of cardboard and glue to the real world?

Featuring stunning animation that contrasts with a gritty inner-city setting, Chasing Cotton Clouds won the award for best film at Deaffest 2011.

Directed by Samuel Dore.

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Coming Home


Drama about a Deaf man who uncovers the truth about his past.

After finding out that his real mother has died, Mark ignores the objections of the hearing couple who adopted him, and travels to her Norfolk home.

But when he investigates her life and the circumstances of his childhood, he discovers a tragic family secret that threatens to change their lives forever. 

Directed by Louis Neethling.

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Made as part of the BSL Zone's Zoom Focus filmmaking scheme.

Historical drama exploring issues in Deaf education.

Confession’s central characters are inventor Alexander Graham Bell and his deaf wife, Mabel.

The film looks at Graham Bell’s hostility to sign language and shows the effect of his ideas on grass-roots Deaf people.

When Mabel sees the limitations of a non-signing educational approach for herself, her presumptions are challenged.

Directed by Julian Peedle-Calloo.

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Deaf Beat


Made as part of the BSL Zone's Zoom Focus filmmaking scheme.

Comedy in which two Deaf detectives work together to catch a Deaf swindler who is scamming the Deaf community.

As they call on numerous Deaf people at their front doors, they get nearer and nearer to finding out just who the Fence is.

But can they outsmart him? And is he even Deaf at all? 

Directed by Jonathan Reid.

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Departure Lounge


Award-winning drama about Deaf friendship and solidarity.

When a young Deaf man who is struggling to deal with fatherhood meets a terminally ill Deaf patient in hospital, the duo strike up a friendship.

During regular visits to the hospital roof, they make sense of life and relationships in sign language, as they gaze over the streets of London.

What lessons can an old man teach a young man at the start of his life?

Directed by Louis Neethling.

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Fairytale of London Town


Comedy-drama about three Deaf women who face three very different Christmases before an unexpected event throws them together.

There doesn’t seem to be much to look forward to at Yuletide for put-upon Veronica, hotel cleaner Karen and unhappily married Sally, but when Veronica finds herself in her hour of need, will the other women rally around her?

Watch this modern fairytale to find out. 

Directed by Louis Neethling.

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The Fingerspellers


Comedy about a family of Deaf gangsters who use their signing hands as weapons to control their patch.

When the 'Deaffather' stops Textphones being sold in Metro City, a rival family attempt to muscle in.

Starring a cast of some of the UK’s foremost comedic Deaf actors, including Matt Kirby, Diana Martin and Ilan Dwek, The Fingerspellers is a madcap sign language comedy that started life as a series of short episodes in the BSLBT’s Wicked series.

Can the family survive? Will Cuddles live? Watch it and find out. 

Directed by William Mager.

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Life Out There


Comedy-drama with a supernatural twist about Billy, a young man who is a UFO spotter.

After being humiliated on national television, deeply unfashionable Billy begins to wonder if there is more to life than his job in a costume shop and caring for his ungrateful father.

But however much he changes, can he see what is right under his nose?

Directed by David Ellington.

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My Song


Award-winning drama about Deaf identity and acceptance in the signing world.

When Ellen feels left out at home and at school, she starts learning to sign. But will she be welcomed with open arms?

My Song features both spoken English and BSL, and was inspired by real events.

The film aims to show the dilemma facing people who find themselves in between the Deaf and hearing worlds. Where do they fit in?

Directed by William Mager.

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Still Here


Comedy-drama about a group of ageing Deaf Club performers - Les, Reg, Cyril and Ruby - who have been performing together for over 30 years.

When Ruby falls ill, their lives are thrown into turmoil, because she has been the one keeping them together.

Les’s son Paul (played by Deaf comedian John Smith) replaces Ruby but will that be enough to save their performing group?

Still Here is a black comedy that looks at friendship, ageing and change, which celebrates the senior members of the Deaf club community.

Directed by Louis Neethling.

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The End

Zoom Focus 2012 – The End

Made as part of the BSL Zone's Zoom Focus filmmaking scheme.

Award-winning drama made in a documentary style.

The End portrays the impact of a revolutionary ‘treatment’ that offers Deaf people the chance to become hearing.

As a group of Deaf children grow up, we find out how the ‘treatment’ affects their futures as they decide whether to take it or not.

With the political and medical professions pushing the idea of a ‘cure,’ a unique culture is threatened with extinction, and lives and relationships are changed. 

Directed by Ted Evans.

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Tree Fairy

The fairy appears!

In this sign language drama, a young Deaf girl called Libby feels left out at Christmas before something magical happens!

When Libby's Grandma passes away, she finds she has a new stepmother and stepsister, who don't know how to sign to her.

Feeling more left out than ever before, Libby is delighted when a magical fairy appears.

Soon, she makes a special Christmas wish. Will it be granted? 

Directed by Louis Neethling.

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You, Me

A clip from You, Me

Made as part of the BSL Zone's Zoom Focus filmmaking scheme.

Emotional drama about how the closure of a Deaf school affects the Deaf people who are linked to it.

As a young Deaf girl looks forward to Christmas, a Deaf teacher struggles to accept that his pupils will have to find a new school.

These two parallel stories later meet, in a film that explores the disappearance of Deaf buildings and institutions as the world moves on. 

Directed by Simon Herdman.

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