There was a treat in store for deaf pupils at Wallisdean School in Hampshire, last week, when they were visited by the BSLBT's Outreach Worker, Steven Wynne.

Steven said: "During the visit to Wallisdean School there were many highlights! When I was being giving a tour of the school building by Annie, who is a deaf instructor, we bumped into a group of hearing children. As soon as they saw Annie and me they all began to sign and we had a lovely chat with the children. They told us all about preparing for their upcoming play!"

Steven adds: "I was able to meet with three different groups of children to tell them all about the BSL Zone and our programmes. The children especially enjoyed one of the activities during my presentation. The children took it in turns to act as animals and the others had to guess what animal they were."

"Following on from this we watched clips from Let's go Wild, You Me, Secret Lab and Tree Fairy, followed by a question and answer session. I was very honoured, as the children had organised a performance just for me, they had been preparing for this for about two months! It was the called The Girl from before, which was inspired by the BSL Zone’s very own The Boy from Before. It was wonderful to see that our programme had inspired the children to produce such a brilliant performance!"

Click on the video on the right to see Steven reporting on his visit in BSL!