The train journey to Portsmouth was smooth and the sun was shining outside -so it was the perfect day for a visit to Portsmouth Deaf Club!

The presentation was arranged by Daniel Harvest, a committee member of the Deaf club. Around 25 people attended the presentation.

When we had some technical problems, one of the members kindly offered to go home and get his laptop which saved me from not able to show the presentation on the big screen! I was very relieved and thankful! 

The members watched the presentation with interest and were all keen to find out more about BSL Zone. I showed them the Wicked Seeds drama Role Reversal, which was directed by Patsy Gorman - and they really enjoyed it! 

There were some interesting questions linked to the funding for making web clips, while another person asked me about programmes which were suitable for non-signers about being stuck between the Deaf and hearing worlds - so I explained that our film My Song portrays a deaf person who is unsure of her identity.

I stayed behind for an hour to have a social chat with the members and I had a lovely time getting to know more about the Portsmouth Deaf community. It was a great evening!

By Steven Wynne, Outreach Worker