The End and Still Here are to be screened at the Tokyo Deaf Film Festival, which takes place between 7-9 April. 

Eri Makihara from Japan, who is working on the festival, said, ‘I am glad that we could screen these British Deaf movies in Tokyo.’

Ted Evans, who directed The End, which looks at what happens when Deafness is “cured”, commented: ‘I wish everyone in Tokyo a great festival and thank the festival organisers for screening our short film.’

Louis Neethling, who directed Still Here, added; ‘Congratulations and wishing you all a successful festival.  Still Here has a special place in my heart because this gentle, warm comedy manages to highlight pertinent issues in the Deaf community: the lack of appropriate social care for elderly Deaf people, waning traditional entertainment and the demise of the Deaf club and the importance of lifelong friendships made in the Deaf community.’

Many congratulations from all at BSL Zone!

The Tokyo Deaf Film Festival’s website is here: if you want to have a look at it. 

You can watch The End by clicking here and Still Here by clicking here, if you haven’t seen them yet.