Our audience in the East Midlands had a special treat at our Derby showcase in early December - with the premiere of our Christmas drama, Tree Fairy!

As you can see in our video (right), the Deaf audience loved the film, which will be shown on TV and here on the BSL Zone website on Monday 23rd December! Click here to see the film's trailer!

Over 100 people attended the Derby showcase, which was held at the city's QUAD media centre.

They were treated to clips from BSL Zone films such as Still Here, and programmes like Under the Lamp, Let's Go Wild! and The Hub.

In advance of our half-hour comedy Four Deaf Yorkshiremen go to Blackpool, they also saw a clip from the short film Four Deaf Yorkshiremen.

Following the clips, they had the chance to ask questions of the people involved in the films and programmes. The first panel had Emily Howlett, Sharon Hirshman, Ashley Kendall, John Smith and Janeene Streather on it.

Then, after the interval, they watched Tree Fairy in full - enjoying our story of a young Deaf girl who is granted three wishes by a magical fairy on Christmas eve! 

After that, the BSLBT's Chief Executive Terry Riley, Tree Fairy star Rebecca Withey and scriptwriter Charlie Swinbourne answered questions during the second Q&A session.

The BSL Zone's Outreach Worker Steven Wynne said: "What an amazing day it was and I really enjoyed seeing so many people, especially families. The Tree Fairy is a perfect Xmas drama for everyone to enjoy and the panellists were brilliant at answering the questions - especially from the children!" 

Photos by Simon Miller.

Take a look at our video and photo gallery on the right to see what the audience thought of the showcase, and what the showcase was like!