A blogger who attended the screening of the BSL Zone's Zoom films at the East End film festival last Sunday has written a blog about how the films moved her.  

In the blog, JemmaWalton99 (her username) who is a journalist and scriptwriter, explains how, despite having no link with the deaf community, she saw the screening "and thought Yeah, why not.'" She later left the screening "simultaneously grinning and with tears running down my face." 

She writes that she was impressed with two of the films in particular: Strangers and Confession.

Of Strangers, she writes: 

‘Strangers’ concerned a deaf teenage boy whose parents couldn’t (or wouldn’t) use sign language. An interpreter comes to see the family and the social worker she is supposed to be with is running late. She starts signing with the boy, and he uses the interpreter to talk to his mum properly. ‘Last summer you told me Grandma was dead, but not which one. It wasn’t until we were driving to the funeral and the car turned left at the end of the road that I knew.’ That line summed up an entire world: give that scriptwriter an award, or at least funding for a full length feature.

Of Confession, she writes:

‘Confession’, is a historical drama based on Alexander Graham Bell trying to make a law banning sign language, forcing deaf people to learn how to speak – in effect, taking one very subtle and expressive mode of language from them and replacing it with a potentially difficult and clumsy one."

In summary, her blog says:

"The films weren’t boringly politically correct or only interesting to people with hearing difficulties. They gave thought-provoking insights into deaf culture politics, from whether deaf children should be taught in deaf or mainstream schools, through to whether if a cure for deafness was offered, it would be in a deaf person’s best interests to accept it."

"At their very heart they were about something that all of us experience and struggle with every day: the urge to communicate with other people. They were about being human."

You can read the blog here.