The Royal Television Society Awards are given for excellence in TV, film and other media production.  As well as the national awards, there are also annual awards in the main TV regions. 

On 27th February, the 2017 RTS Awards for the North East and the Borders region were held.  For the second year in a row, Tessa Padden made the short list of 3 for Best Presenter, for her role in the BSL Zone programme Close Up.

This year, the award for Best Presenter went to Pam Royle, who has been presenting news programmes for nearly thirty years. 

With Tessa at the ceremony were Close Up producers Dawn Marshall and Bob Duncan. They said they were delighted that Tessa had made the short list for the second time in two years against such fierce competition from hearing professionals.

All at BSL Zone would also like to congratulate Tessa for making the shortlisting!