Filming recently wrapped on our new superhero film, Supersonic. Here, director Samuel Dore tells us how filming went.

We knew on the first day of filming that we were embarking on a very ambitious shoot and we needed a dedicated cast and crew to help us make the film we wanted to make.

Luckily, we had exactly that.

One trick for getting the most out of an ambitious shoot is to find locations within walking distance of each other.

We were fortunate to find locations such as an adventure playground and a huge house literally a stone’s throw from each other.

This meant we didn’t have to waste precious time moving from location to location.

It also meant we had a bit more time to focus on the shots and performances - especially as we were working with visual effects.

We wanted to have plenty of sunshine so we could get that summer blockbuster feel in Supersonic.

Incredibly, the unpredictable British weather was very good for the first five days, but then we had thunder, lightning and flooding on the last day!

When the rain came, we had just three scenes left to film, and two of them were outdoors in a park.

But we found the damp and wet weather helped create an atmosphere for one of the scenes.

The cast were great, with some of them making their acting debut in the film. They were surprised at the amount of effort and organisation needed to make a film like Supersonic, but they cracked on nonetheless.

The story is about Isaac’s self-discovery and so credit goes to Jamal Ajala for putting in an fantastic performance. His character carried the film and we were very lucky to find someone like him during the auditions.

The biggest challenge for us all was the amount of visual effects in Supersonic. We have a lot to create in post-production so it took extra time during filming.

Not only did we have to film the actors, sometimes we had to film different ‘plates’ - filming different actors separately in the same scene.

We also brought in a stunt coordinator for some fight scenes - which we have to combine with visual effects.

This is where getting a storyboard artist to sketch out all the visual effects scenes helped so we knew exactly what we needed to shoot - especially on a film with a tight budget and schedule.

Looking back on the shoot, it’s incredible we all got through with the footage we needed.

It was a challenging six days and we had to make some compromises, but the story, the essence of Supersonic remains.

My Producer and I will always be grateful to the crew and cast for all their efforts during the shoot and judging from the quality of the rushes, we believe we have a fresh and exciting drama for audiences to enjoy.

But first, we need to edit the footage together which is where the real fun begins…

Look out for more information about Supersonic soon!