The BSL Zone's coverage of the 2013 Deaflympics starts this week!

For 10 days from Tuesday 16th July, a series of profiles of British athletes, produced by Remark Media, will be shown on this site, as we count down to the day the Deaflympics begin, on the 26th July!

Click here to see our Deaflympics site, with all the profiles so far!

There will be one profile of a British competitor each day.

You'll be able to find out all about the athletes' respective sports, their preparation and training, and their hopes and dreams for the games, which are being held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

See below for the date when each profile will be shown:

Tues 16th July - Rob Lowe - Shooting
Wed 17th July - Melanie Jewett - Athletics (Marathon and 10,000m) 
Thurs 18th July - Victoria Wenman - Women's Football
Fri 19th July - Thomas Baxter - Swimming
Sat 20th July - Lucy Jordan-Caws - a future Deaflympics hopeful aiming for the 2017 games
Sun 21st July - Rajeev Bagga - Badminton
Mon 22nd July - Rebecca Zelic - Athletics
Tues 23rd July - David Grant - Karate
Wed 24th July - Bethany Brookes - Tennis
Thurs 25th July - Damaris Cooke - Women's Football
The Sofia 2013 Deaflympics will be the 22nd edition of the games. More than 3,000 Deaf athletes are expected from more than 90 countries, competing in 18 sports.
Our profiles of these British athletes is just the beginning of our coverage - during the games, from 26th July to the 4th August, we will also have daily updates of all the highs and lows from Sofia.
There will also be two programmes showing what happened in each week of the games, which will be shown on Monday 5th August and Monday 12th August.
So to find out who won gold, silver or bronze, watch this space!