The cast and crew of Small World have returned to rehearsals to improvise scenes from new episodes.

In our photo gallery, right, you can see co-creators and stars Brian Duffy and Ace Mahbaz, watching and discussing scenes with the cast.

Brian Duffy said: "This is the best job I've ever had, really. I am very fortunate. I'm working with some of the best talents in the country, and the rehearsals have been going great!"

The series is created through improvisation, and Duffy added: "To devise the script in BSL instead of writing it in English on a laptop has been awesome. In rehearsals, I tell the cast what their character should say! I believe that if you produce scripts in this way, you get authentic sign language performances."

The new episodes of Small World will begin being shown on the BSL Zone at the end of this year. To watch the first episode, click here.