Writer and journalist Rebecca Atkinson is the writer behind some of the BSL Zone's best-known dramas, Coming HomeFairytale of London Town and Tree Fairy. With Coming Home, back on TV next week, we asked her about what inspired the film and what she has planned next.

Where did the idea for Coming Home come from?

The director, Louis Neethling, had a location in mind on the Suffolk Coast and asked me to write a story set there.

I grew up in Norfolk so I know Suffolk well as it's the county next door. I particularly love the dramatic flat landscape of Norfolk and Suffolk.

The horizons are huge and sweeping and it can feel very bleak at times. This inspired me to write a dark, evocative story which reflected the mystery of the surroundings.

What was it like to write your first script for screen, having written a play before that?

It was a steep learning curve! I discovered that writing for screen is a lot harder than it looks.

When you watch TV it just happens seamlessly. When you write TV you have to think about every detail.

There is a definite craft to writing and I had to read a lot of books on how to write for screen before I started.

What did you think of the final film?

I love the final film, in particular those broad long shots of flat Suffolk plains and huge dark skies that really set the atmosphere and tone of the film.

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