We're pleased to announce that we have a new member of the team, with Sam Calder joining the BSLBT as our Production Coordinator!

Here he tells us about his new role and his past experience in Deaf media. 

How do you feel about joining the BSLBT?

I am very excited to have the opportunity to be part of the team that has commissioned over a hundred of TV programmes in British Sign Language!

I remember watching the first programme that the BSLBT broadcast back in 2009, feeling proud as a Deaf person to see a new programme emerging on TV after seeing other series like Vee-TV and See Hear.

Now, it is my turn to support the team in commissioning more programmes, delivering more content to the BSL community.

What will your job involve?

I will be working closely with Maggie Swinfen, the Head of Production and Distribution, providing production management support across the commissioning, production and delivery of both television and online content.

For those production companies that have been commissioned by BSLBT, I will be liaising with them ensuring that they provide the content on time, and will be on hand to help if they need support.

Tell us about your career up until now?

I started my career in media as a researcher at Remark! back in 2010, before becoming a Production Coordinator. In 2011, I moved to BBC in Bristol to work on See Hear for five months.

After missing London, my home, I decided to move back and worked at Remark! Media as Production Manager.

In 2013, I worked on 53 programmes in one year including the CBeebies series of Magic Hands (which was nominated for a Broadcast Award) and the recent CBBC documentary My Life. It was a mad- but great - experience!

I then moved on to Channel 4 to work in Commercial Affairs where I have been overseeing the commissioning of all developments across 7 genres. It has been a really interesting insight into the commissioning world, quite different to the production perspective.

I am now looking forward to utilising my experience to make further positive contributions towards Deaf television!