As part of the BSL Zone's Wicked series, new Deaf filmmakers were given the chance to make a short film with support from Remark, who made the series.

Now, the BSL Zone is showing all of the Wicked Seeds films as stand-alone films for the first time!

The latest Wicked Seeds to be shown is No Solution by Sam ArnoldYou can watch his film on the right-hand side of this page.

We also interviewed Sam about his memories of making the film. Here is what he said!

Did you enjoy making No Solution?

I made this film about 4 years ago when my dream was becoming a film director, before I became a product designer.

I enjoyed making this film. I learned lots about filming through my experience and I also learnt new editing techniques.

What do you think your biggest achievement was?

I think I did well with this Wicked Seeds film because it was a difficult task for me to make a film in 2 minutes with a low budget, while still making a huge impact at the end of the film.

Why did you add that twist at the end?

I always enjoyed watching films with a huge impact or a twist at the end of the film, to make you think.

That is what I tried to do on this film - to make everything make sense to the audience in 2 minutes, with a huge bang at the end to make you think about people who are suffering from Tinnitus.

What was the response like?

People I know told me that they enjoyed it and some of them said it was the best Wicked Seeds film of all!

Watch Sam's film now, by clicking here!