Scriptwriter Sahera Khan has told us about making the short film He Stood Me Up, which is directed by Raabia Hussain.

The film is being made as a web-only commission for the BSL Zone. Khan describes the film as a "chick flick," which is about a woman called Neelam who is meeting a man in the park. But will he turn up?

She added: "The filming went very well, but there was a limited time so it had to be fast! The setting was great." Were there any problems? "We had to add a contributor at the last minute and make some story changes because of the rain."

Of working with Raabia Hussain as director, she said: "Raabia is a brilliant filmmaker - it is easy to work with her and she has great ideas. We had a great laugh during filming!"

So what was it like to write the script? "I am a writer and I have published five ebooks," Khan said. "I wrote a brief story as a treatment. There is only a small amount of dialogue in the film." You can see some images, including the official poster, on the right-hand side of this page.

The film is currently being edited, and once it's completed, will be available to watch here on the BSL Zone.