Our sci fi film, Reverberations, is to be screened in southern Sweden! 

It will be on the big screen at the deaf film festival, Dövfilmfestival-Skåne, on 23rd March, and shown again at a screening for deaf school pupils on 27th March.

This film festival has been running for 5 years – it aims to give deaf people the opportunity to watch films in sign language from different parts of the world, and to raise the profile of films with sign language and Deaf culture amongst people who have never seen them before.

Samuel Dore, the director of Reverberations, said: “I'm very pleased we're being given an opportunity to show Reverberations outside the UK, as this story is relevant to anyone from the international Deaf community.”

Many congratulations, Samuel and the rest of the production team, from the BSLBT team! 

You can watch Reverberations on our app, or here on our website, if you haven’t seen it yet.