Melissa Mostyn, the director of our brand-new documentary, Listen, Even When Your Heart is Crying, has written a blog about making her film for the UK's Huffington Post website.

In the blog, she writes about her experiences of being a Deaf parent to a child with disabilities, and about the themes that inspired her film.

She points out that 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, and says:

Dealing with unresolved parental grief is a key feature of their lives - a whole community of people affected through the generations by these, often deep-seated, family issues. Anyone born or pre-lingually deaf, like myself, will never understand it, unless they are themselves parent-carers - and even then, they are likely to differentiate from their parents in how they approach their grief.

Mostyn also writes about the grief that she felt, and about how she decided to tell her own story on camera, as part of the film.

You can read Melissa Mostyn's blog for Huffington Post by clicking here, and watch Listen, Even When Your Heart is Crying, by clicking here.