Our programme Punk Chef: Kids Challenge has been praised by the judges after being nominated for a Broadcast Award for Best Children's Programme.

The programme was made by Flashing Lights Media, and saw four teams of Deaf children compete to win the Young Punk Chef Award.

The judges said: 

"On a fraction of the budget of some of its rivals, this cookery show was "refreshingly unproduced and well cast" according to the judges. One declared that a sequence in which a boy wanted to hold hands with a reluctant friend "was the best moment I saw in all these shows."

The programme's producer, Camilla Arnold, said:

"Whilst we missed out on winning 'Best Children's Programme' at the Broadcast Awards, we are incredibly proud to have been shortlisted for such a prestigious award. It is a testimony to the team's passion, creativity and drive but also to the wonderful contestants who made the programme so entertaining to watch."

 Watch Punk Chef: Kids Challenge by clicking here!