Our magical Christmas sign language drama Tree Fairy premiered on 23rd December, just days before Christmas!

Since then, our story of how a fairy appears and offers a Deaf girl a special Christmas wish, has attracted numerous positive comments from our viewers.

The comments have been written not only here on this site, but also on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are just a few of them!

On our Facebook page, on the day the film was premiered, Michael Rogerson said "This is a brilliant heartfelt story [with]Christmas spirit so Merry Christmas everyone!"

Michelle Earle said "that's a lovely film," while Heidi Koivisto Robertson said:"Love it! Merry Christmas!"

Angela Scott said: "Brilliant story. I wish my dad could sign for me [like the] magic fairy." Hayley Freeman said: "That's [a] really lovely story!"

Meanwhile, Linda Richards said: "The Snowman’ has captured the hearts of many over the years. I think ‘Tree Fairy’ could be the Deaf version of The Snowman." She also added of the film's young actor: "Love Olivia! What a wee star!" 

On our Twitter account, @KevStanley said: "Isn't it lovely? And I thought the little girl who played Libby was wonderful."

@AllyBaeton83 said: "yes she was fantastic! What a sweet little girl! Potential for a star there!" and added: "made me cry! Beautiful."

@2468fergie said: "Tree Fairy, lovely, just lovely. Thank you BSL Zone, more please."

On our site, we've had nearly a dozen comments so far. Here are just a few of them below: 

"Fantastic contemporary fairy tale. Loved it. Tears running down my face."

"A fabulous Christmas story. Brilliantly told and acted. Very moving!"

"Beautiful & heart warming. The young lady playing Libby is very good. Well done to all involved."

"I am Deaf American. I love your movie. It's so sweet and it gave me little tears to see the little girl so happy!"

"Absolutely lovely film. Very good techniques too for explaining death to kids too. Love the little girl but everyone in this film was great. Fantastic special effects. Good actors. All believable. Loved the wicked stepmother! Great all round production which will never go out of date. Well done BSLBT for commissioning it, Remark Media for producing it,, Rebecca Atkinson for writing it and Louis Neethling for directing it."

If you haven't seen Tree Fairy yet, watch it now by clicking here!