Our Outreach Worker, Steven Wynne visited Doncaster Deaf Trust last week to visit the school and college for Deaf students. Here's his report!

It's Doncaster Deaf Trust's 185th year anniversary. They opened in 1829 and provide education to Deaf pupils at school and at college.

I spent two days there talking to the pupils about the BSL Zone.

On the first day, at the college, I spoke to 14 students, showing them a few programmes such as The Bag and Lost Community, and telling them about our Web Clips fund.

Hopefully some of them will apply to make their own film!

At the school, I spoke to two different groups, which added up to 17 pupils.

I showed the first group the Tree Fairy promo and The Bag, and the second group saw Tree Fairy in full!

The college group loved watching our comedy Four Deaf Yorkshiremen go to Blackpool. Some of the pupils also told me how much they love watching our current affairs series The Hub

Many of them told me they regularly watch our programmes online, such as our comedy The Fingerspellers and the cookery series Punk Chef!

On the second day, the school had their sports day and a prize afternoon, with the director of Four Deaf Yorkshiremen go to Blackpool, Charlie Swinbourne as the guest speaker.

Charlie made a lovely speech about how hard work helps people achieve big things which I agreed with completely!

We then showed his film in full, which was enjoyed by the children, staff and the parents who laughed a lot throughout the film. Charlie then handed out their prizes!

I think my visit made a big impact because the children seemed really engaged with our programmes, telling me what they thought and giving me some great feedback.

They also really enjoyed watching the programmes I showed them.