The BSLBT's Outreach Worker, Steven Wynne was back on the road last week visiting Stoke for the DEAFvibe 'See Me, Hear Me' event. Here he writes about how it went.

Last Friday morning I was really excited to be at the Stoke City Football Stadium for the Deaf Vibe ‘See me, Hear me’ event. I am a football follower and a big fan but had never been to Stoke City!

The venue looked fantastic. My stall was set up just near the entrance and there was a huge window on other side of the room where you could view the football pitch! 

The day went really well. Stoke is an area where there are lots of Deaf viewers of the BSL Zone that we haven’t reached before. It was lovely to meet lots of new people and find out what they think of our programmes.

I had a great conversation with a man named Oliver, who is hearing but loves all things BSL Zone, who said that The Fingerspellers is the best comedy programme he’s ever seen! (see photo of Oliver and Steven on the right-hand side of this page.)

I also spoke to a man named Guy who enjoyed our footage from the Deaflympics and the daily news from Sofia.

I really really enjoyed the day and it was great to meet so many new people.