The BSL Zone team had a busy day at the annual Deaf Day event, which was held at City Lit college in London.
The main aim of the day was to speak to our audience - sign language users - to find out what they think of the BSL Zone and which of our programmes they like and don't like! 

The team engaged with a lot of people, gathering useful feedback. So many people filled in questionnaires that they ran out of questionnaires at 2pm!
The team also captured people's feedback in BSL and you can see some of their thoughts in the video on the right-hand side of this page.
Below the video, you can also see photos of the BSL Zone team and just a few of the people who came to say hello.
Our Outreach worker, Steven Wynne said: "It was an amazing day and I was pleased to see so many people knowing about BSL Zone and giving us some brilliant feedback on camera - as well as on questionnaires!"