Steven's first visit this year was to Bridport Deaf Club in Dorset on Saturday 1st March. There was a very good turnout, so it was well worth the long journey.

Around 60 people came, ranging from little children to George who is 92!

Steven said: "I got a lift from Dorchester station in a fab mini van with Tracey, the secretary of the Deaf club. who told me about the history of the club. Bridport Deaf Club opened in 2008, it opens once a month on the first Saturday. There are mixture of deaf and hearing people attending the club and enjoying various of events that bring the community together especially in the summer.

I told them about how to get involved with the BSL Zone by either applying for Zoom short film scheme or for our new web clips fund, which anyone can apply for. And they asked many questions.

I was offered many, many cups of tea, and made to feel important. So thank you very much to Bridport Deaf Club. I hope to be back for the BBQ in August."