BSL Zone Showcase: Bristol 2012

You may already have seen the photos and the comments from the BSL Zone Showcase in Bristol. If not, do go and have a look!

Rory Mortimore the Head of Community Services and David Ellington, the director of two BSL Zone films, Life out there and 50/50 helped me to organise and run the event. Many thanks to both of them!

Thank you, too, to all the volunteers who helped to make the event such a success:
James Barnes, Martyn Brook, Monica Cherryson, Amy Mortimore, Elizabeth Sutherland, Gemma Tiley, Iain Sutherland.

See if you can spot them in Chris Coleman’s terrific photos.

The event was a sell-out, and the stars of the show were:

  • A special film festival version of Life out there with a lively Q&A afterwards with David Ellington (Director) and James Banks (Writer).
  • The pilot show from Punk Chef. The chef himself couldn’t be there on the night because his new baby was due, but the audience were thrilled to learn that a full series of six new programmes are coming in 2013.
  • Confession, a drama about Alexander Graham Bell, followed by a Q&A with (Julian Peedle-Calloo ) and Sandra Duguid (Actress). This film received passionate support, particularly from older Deaf people who want to show Deaf history and teach it to future generations.