The BSLBT team had a great time at Deaffest in Wolverhampton at the weekend! 

The action packed weekend kicked off with the premiere of Deaf Funny, our new comedy sketch show, which was very well received, with lots of laughter.  If you didn’t see it then, you can watch it on TV and on our website this Thursday evening!

Deaffesters were treated to lots of excellent film screenings and performances, with opportunities to meet and chat to different people too.

There were two BSL Zone related winners at the Deaffest 2017 Film & TV Awards: Matthew Gurney won Best Actor for his role (Mitch the plumber) in Small World, and Norma McGilp won Best Screenwriter for her documentary, Deaf Victorians

Many congratulations, Matthew and Norma, from all of us at BSLBT!  We’d also like to say a big well done to all of our other filmmakers who didn’t get awards for their work.

Finally, many thanks to the Deaffest organisers for a great weekend.  See you there next year!