An exciting children’s programme presented in BSL began on Cbeebies yesterday. Made by Remark! and presented by four deaf people, Magic Hands teaches children about poetry – classic and modern – using BSL, the spoken word, music and animation.

In yesterday's episode presenter Ashley Kendall tells Robert Louis Stevenson's poem The Land of the Counterpane about a child who is sick in bed and bored in BSL. You can see it on the BBC iPlayer. The poem comes to life with animation and music and there is voice over to ensure hearing children can follow as well. There will be 30 episodes presented by Ashley along with Simon HerdmanDonna Mullings, and Aimee Campbell Nottage.

Some of the Magic Hands team have been involved in BSLBT programmes: Director Camilla Arnold has directed and produced for the Hub, Punk Chef and upcoming documentary Who Cares? while Simon directed BSLBT film You, Me last year. Ashley and Donna have both presented BSLBT programmes. Ashley will be at the BSL Zone Newcastle showcase on 2 May.  

Tune in and learn some poetry! 

Magic Hands, 9.15am, Cbeebies Channel

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