Tell us about you. Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Wynne, Steven Wynne!

I'm the BSLBT's Outreach worker which means I travel across the UK spreading the word about the BSL Zone's outstanding programmes.

I visit a lot of Deaf clubs and schools, and organise regional showcases so that I can talk to Deaf people about our programmes and get their feedback, both positive and negative, which I feed back to the organisation so that we can improve our work in the future.

What's the best thing about working for the BSLBT?

The best thing about working for the BSLBT is meeting new people and chatting about our programmes! I also enjoy going to new places and exploring the area and discovering local history.

What's the hardest thing? 

The hardest thing about working for BSLBT, funny enough is also being alone in new places and travelling on my own!

It can be relaxing, but when I'm away from home in a hotel room I have to work hard not to get bored!

Which programmes get the best responses?

Since my first trip two and a half years ago, the Deaf community have kept telling me how much they love The End - they really enjoyed the story.

This year, the most positive comments were for The Hub, for bringing current affairs and news to the community.

The films made as part of our Zoom scheme have also attracted excellent feedback and people seem very pleased that the scheme is returning in 2014!

If you had to choose one of our programmes to take to a desert island, what would it be?

I would definitely take The End, without a doubt! I can watch this film over and over without getting bored! 

Which dramas do you like?

Apart from The End, it is Champion of the World because I really enjoyed the sport theme in the story.

I enjoy all of the BSL Zone dramas as they all are interesting - with a dose of Deaf culture too.

Which actors stand out for you?

My favourite actor, ummm thats difficult because every actor is brilliant in their own way!

I think they are all good – some names that come to mind are Brian Duffy, Terry Edwards and Rebecca Ann Withey!

And your favourite presenter?

My favourite presenter is Gavin Lilley on The Hub because he is very expressive and clear in the way he signs. He works really well with Elizabeth Bojas

You're organising to two new showcases soon, tell us about them?

There are two exciting showcases in the next two months!

The first showcase is in Belfast at the Crescent Art Centre on Sunday 10th November.

The doors open at 4pm with the first programme being shown at 5pm on the big screen. Afterwards, we will have a Q&A session with local people to find out what it is like to be on TV!

The second showcase will be held in Derby at the QUAD centre on Sunday 1st December. 

It will start at 2pm with programmes being shown from 2.30pm, followed by a Q&A session with programme makers and talented people from the East Midlands.

This event will also host a premiere of our brand new Christmas drama Tree Fairy! So don't miss it!

How can people find out more/or book?

If you are interested in coming to either of our showcases, or want to know more, just go to our website ( where you will find two colourful tabs just below the featured video. The purple one is for Belfast and blue is for Derby! You can find full information there and BSL videos too!

If you wish to book a seat for the showcase, just email me ( to let me know that you would like to attend the event!

Thanks Steven!