What was it like making You, Me with the trust?

It has been an up and down journey but overall it was a phenomenal experience for me. I am very grateful for BSLBT as the trust gives out opportunities to Deaf people to make films for the trust through the Zoom Focus scheme.

I would not have the chance to turn my script into screen if it was not for the BSLBT, and seeing  You, Me appear on the international festival circuit is very rewarding for me.

I am itching to make another film with the BSLBT one day in the future!

What are you up to now?

I am in Los Angeles, California right now, working on a documentary with a fellow filmmaker, Brian Duffy. The documentary has got a long way to go but we are content with the footages we have captured so far.

Here is a short teaser that everyone can watch online: https://vimeo.com/80574720.

I will be continuing my travels around the world, emulating Ted Evans by filming the Deaf world around several different countries.

I am very passionate about this project, and I cannot wait to show the world the lives of Deaf people from many different countries with diverse cultures and the lives that the Deaf people lead.

What are your favourite BSL Zone dramas?

Everyone knows my answer; it is the same answer that most Deaf and hearing people will say! [we think he means The End! Ed] This particular film has received plenty praises of accolades around the world, so I am going to mention other films that deserve my praise as these films really stood out for me, which are two films from Zoom 2012.

Becky Bailey’s Little World because it is an eccentric film and easily one of the best animations to include sign language in Britain and Brian Duffy’s Strangers, a short film about that moment, which left a lasting impression.

Which actors stand out?

Personally, it would be Sophie Stone as Mabel in Julian Peedle-Calloo’s Confession, if acting was a nation then Sophie would be China as her talent is that huge.

I also undeniably enjoyed Jim Fish’s short appearance in Evans’s The End, his acting was a joy to watch. Another deserving praise must go to Aliya Gulamani for her performance in Hussain’s September 11th and I hope I will be lucky enough to work with these actors one day.

Which directors stand out?

The directors that really inspire me are William Mager, Ted Evans, Louis Neethling, Bim Ajadi and Samuel Dore.

Mager’s Hands Solo, Evans’s The End, Neethling’s Coming Out, Ajadi’s Dead Money and Dore’s Tricks are unbelievable films.

I would have never been the filmmaker that I am if it was not for these Deaf filmmakers and I really hope that these filmmakers make it, major time in the future!

Any moments that you remember from our programming?

I vividly remember the first Wicked Pilot, the first programme from the BSLBT directed by Louis Neethling, as it was the beginning of something wonderful.

Watch Simon's film You, Me by clicking here.