We’re delighted to announce several new commissions for 2019, in addition to Here Not Here, the new musical drama directed by Bim Ajadi.  There’ll also be a documentary to show how the new signed art form in the programme was created and integrated into the music and drama. 

If you’re a fan of Four Deaf Yorkshiremen, you’ll be pleased to know that Charlie Swinbourne/Eyewitness Media have teamed up with Rachel Robey/Wellington Films to make four new programmes!  They’ll be going camping, babysitting and giving away the bride at a wedding as well as giving Santa a helping hand at Christmas.   Not sure that’ll all go smoothly, but it will be hilarious!

We’ve got some documentaries too; Rachel Drummond-Hay from Drummer TV will be working with Sebastian Cunliffe on a political one called I Want to Change The World, and with Cathy Heffernan and Lynn Stewart-Taylor on The Big T, which is about Deaf transgender people’s journeys.

Finally, the Signpost team will be busy making another Life Stories programme; this time all about Craig Crowley, who’s certainly had an interesting life!

That’s a lot to look forward to!