As part of the BSL Zone's Wicked series, new Deaf filmmakers were given the chance to make a short film with support from Remark, who made the series.

Now, the BSL Zone is showing all of the Wicked Seeds films as stand-alone films for the first time!

The second Wicked Seeds to be shown is Dominoes by Matthew Gurney. You can watch his film on the right-hand side of this page (or click here to go to the video page!).

We also interviewed Matthew about his memories of making the film. Here is what he said!

Did you enjoy making it?

Yes, because they let me create anything, from my script to editing, playing with the angles of my shots and so on, and I wished I could do it for more than one afternoon!

It was my first time as film director, but as an actor, I have watched a few directors at work which taught me a lot.

What was the filming like?

I let the actors improvise their acting with a little help from me, hoping that they would create something magical!

I think that improvisation or ad-libbing is always better than scripts.

We only had one afternoon and time went quickly, especially changing the camera angles. I wished I had more time with the crew!

Did you like the final film?

Yes and no. I felt I could create better shots and do more with the editing if I had more time.

I would also have liked to use a darker storyline (I am planning to film a very dark film in the near future!).

But I was pleased with my actors as it was the first time I'd worked with them. 

What did people think?

They liked the comedy ending which they didn't expect but some people guessed what would happen!

That is a challenge to me, when I write future scripts. I love using twists in the ending, and I've done this in my short plays, such as Confusions of a Shadow Boxer, which I made as part of Deafinitely Theatre's 'Four Play' writing scheme.

If you are d/Deaf and would like the chance to make your own short film, with support, check out our Zoom filmmaking scheme! Just click here for more information!