Our award-winning comedy sketch show Deaf Funny is coming back for two new episodes in 2018, and the team is already hard at work writing new sketches!

This time, three of the stars of the first two episodes, Jean St Clair, John Smith and Matt Kirby are writing new scripts for the series, along with Deaf Funny's creator, Charlie Swinbourne.

The writing team recently met up in Nottingham, where they tried out new ideas, discussed their writing, and had a lot of laughs, as you can see from these photos!

Charlie said: "After writing the first two episodes on my own, I wanted to work in a more collaborative way on the new episodes, and so far it's been great fun! As well as being hilarious comedy performers, Jean, John and Matt each have fantastic ideas and creative minds, and I'm really excited about the scripts they are writing."  

The new episodes of Deaf Funny are being co-produced by Eyewitness Media and Wellington Films.