We at BSLBT are really delighted that Charlie Swinbourne is currently filming his new sketch show, Deaf Funny, working with Juggle Productions and a variety of Deaf actors. 

It’ll be on TV soon; for now, you can see photos of some of the actors who will be starring in Deaf Funny below!

Kerena Marchant, BSLBT’s Head of Content, said: "Sketch shows are a great training ground for everybody involved; they’re in bite sized chunks so it's easy to learn or develop skills when making this type of programme. 

Sketch comedy is also a fantastic development opportunity for a TV channel or commissioning body like BSLBT. The different sketches give the audience a chance to decide what they like and what they want to watch.  Some viewers will like some sketches more than others and it gives the commissioners a chance to see what the audience wants in a Deaf comedy show or series.  

Sketch also lends itself to minority humour, as the different sketches give the audience a chance to laugh at their oppressors, at themselves and the obstacles that everyday life throws at them.

So, it has saddened me that sketch shows are now a rarity now, because they are labour intensive and expensive. I was excited and delighted that Charlie Swinbourne and Juggle Productions were able to come up with a cost effective format for a Deaf sketch show, Deaf Funny

This is something that mainstream/hearing TV should be doing to save our sketch shows and it's good for the BSLBT to lead the way and bring back the sketch show.”