As part of the BSL Zone's Wicked series, new Deaf filmmakers were given the chance to make a short film with support from Remark Production, who made the series.

Now, the BSL Zone is showing all of the Wicked Seeds films as stand-alone films for the first time!

The first Wicked Seeds to be shown is The Last Breath by Jack Smallwood. You can watch his film on the right-hand side of this page (or click here to go to the video page!).

We also interviewed Jack about his memories of making the film. Here is what he said!

Did you enjoy making The Last Breath?

100% yes! I enjoyed every second of producing my short film. I learned a lot of new things and I am grateful I took part in Wicked Seeds!

What was the filming like?

The filming process was special for me, as a filmmaker I learnt a lot from the experience.

It was calm, everything ran smoothly and I really enjoyed every moment!

Did you enjoy working with the crew?

The filming was brilliant and I enjoyed working with the team. It was very challenging because you are the main person as director and you have to take full responsibility for the whole filming process.

I was director, cameraman and editor!

I had fantastic help from Remark Production - they gave me useful tips which I still use today. I still look up to fantastic role models such as Bim Ajadi, Ted Evans, Louis Neethling and Simon Herdman as I love all their work.

Were you happy with the final film?

Well the first plan of my story was different from the final film, because I should have had more people involved and it was cut down to three boys, so this meant I had to change the story.

But luckily I had a little help from Fifi Garfield and Stephen Collins. We were working hard until the end of the film, but overall I was very pleased with it!

Did you win any awards?

The film was nominated for Deaffest's Young Deaffest award. It didn’t win but I didn’t really care because it was shown on the big screen, which is an amazing achievement, in my beloved hometown, Wolverhampton!

What did people think?

That is a good question!! I had a lot of feedback and it really helped me a lot.

I had positive feedback, and some negative comments but that is what happens in the filming world!

I am not going to lie, I thought my film could have been better, but I appreciated the feedback, it will help me improve in the future.

Some people have asked me if there could be a new film called The Last Breath 2? Who knows!

If you are d/Deaf and would like the chance to make your own short film, with support, check out our Zoom filmmaking scheme! Just click here for more information!